About the Brass Tracks

The Brass Tracks is all about appreciating the essentials in life. With an emphasis on good design and meaningful spaces. Founded by two creatives, Liam and Jake, both with a passion for design and travel, and finding the creativity and beauty in all the things we do.

“Getting down to the brass tacks” – Americanism, dating from 19th century, meaning: the essentials; the basic facts.

The Brass Tracks exists as a place for curated guides, accomodation insights and a highlight of all things design. Through our travels we hope to highlight bespoke destinations, that achieve authenticity, simplicity and purity.


Liam | The Designer
Liam is our curator, our photographer and the architect of the Brass Tracks website. As a graphic designer, his passion is a love for aesthetics and design working hand in hand to create beautiful spaces and pleasurable experiences. He is the look and feel of the Brass Tracks. When he’s not designing, he has a keen green thumb and loves playing dad to the ever-expanding collection of indoor plants in our home. His head is always buzzing, planning our next big adventure.

Jake | The Writer
I’m Jake and I’m the storyteller behind the Brass Tracks. I love using words to create imagery for our readers, and to give them a connection to our experiences and adventures that we share. I spend half of my time in the sky as a flight attendant, and the other half writing and developing the Brass Tracks to share with you. My writing style is definitely influenced by the compulsory glass of red wine that accompanies me during any writing session, trust me, it’s great for experiential writing. I’m a keen socialiser and relaxation enthusiast, but also love keeping busy and creative with the better half of the Brass Tracks, Liam.