The Ultimate Instagram Tour of San Diego

San Diego is one of America’s most underrated and most instagramable cities. Taking in the beautiful so-cal eternal summer weather, without the humidity of it’s sister Californian cities, San Diego is a city that mixes the trendy southern Californian lifestyle, but avoids the intense hustle and bustle of LA.

We only had 48 hours in San Diego, and wanted to make the most of it, so we set to researching before we got to the city, to work out what we wanted to see and the must do activities. Although this pre-trip research was super helpful, it turns out that San Diego is a city that you can literally find amazing places to check out, and go snap crazy, without the hassle of driving for hours, or battling flocks of tourist crowds.

We have detailed our top picks for the ultimate instagram tour of San Diego, and the best part, you can do it in one afternoon!

Stop 1

Holy Matcha

Okay yes, this cute café is already bustling as one of San Diego’s must-be-seen-at locations. It’s gorgeous interior, super friendly staff, and countless photo ops, make it a hard to miss Instagram stop. However, once you get a few great instas, be sure to try out their fresh, healthy and tasty menu, all borrowing elements of it’s crowning glory – MATCHA.

We tried the matcha iced latte (a matcha must), and the inner-aussie in us, couldn’t go past their take on a smashed avo, topped with delectable chilli flakes and the freshest avocadoey goodness to keep us moving for our tour.

Stop 2


Just a short stroll around the corner, taking in the sights of the ultra-trendy neighbourhood of North Park, we stopped in at Pigment. If there’s one thing the Brass Tracks are guilty of, it’s being lured into any store that has an indoor plant collection, and Pigment didn’t just have a collection, they had a museum’s worth of indoor plants to browse through.

Mix this indoor plant collection with an expansive range of bespoke gifts and house knick knacks, and it was super easy to waste away an easy hour planning what we were going to be able to fit into our suitcases to take home.

To add to all of this, the store is set amongst high ceilings, an abundance of natural lighting, making it another ultimate Instagram spot. Plus if you need help capturing that insta moment, there is a free instore photobooth to use!

Stop 3

Balboa Park

Once we were finished in North Park, we ventured 5 minutes down the road to San Diego’s number one tourist spots, Balboa Park.

Now a big tourist location is not really going to capture that ultimate Instagram moment, but the thing about Balboa Park is that it is so big, and diverse and there are so many nooks and crannies that you can find your very own green oasis to capture some moments away from the crowds. We were lucky enough to stumble across some pretty empty spaces with amazing vistas of the city’s towering heart.

Stop 4

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Next stop the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This one really is a hidden gem, and before you go on I want to preface that neither of us are crazy hikers or outdoor adventurers, but this hike was super enjoyable, and got us some great photos and showed us places we would have never seen if we didn’t try.

The hike is relatively simple, and your photos will be worth it!

The trail takes you through the Cliffside mountain trails leading from one of San Diego’s ritzy seaside neighbourhood streets, past some very impressive beach mansions, through the canyons leading to the endless stretch of pacific beach coastline.

Get creative with your shots here, you can get shots from above, below, through dense bushes, amongst white sandstone cliffs, and looking out to the ocean, it’s a budding photographers dream shoot location.

This was easily one of our favourite things we did in San Diego, it gave us a sense of adventure, and also got us some great photos and good laughs.

Pro Tip!

Do not wear white pants like Jake did, they will not survive the sandy cliffs.

That wraps up our ultimate Instagram tour of San Diego, our final words are make sure you add San Diego to your next So Cal adventure, it’s absolutely worth it and so are the photos.

And for the ultimate place to stay while in San Diego check out our post here.


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