Billy Van Creamy


There are a few common truths about Melbourne, it’s the home of the hipsters, it’s the culinary and culture capital of Australia, and you can experience 4 seasons of weather in one day. Our trip to Billy Van Creamy, played true to every one of these.

Billy Van Creamy, with a name like that we knew it would be perfectly suited to our tastebuds; sweet, creamy and completely bad for the summer body. Billy Van Creamy is undoubtedly hipster and is fitted out as a minimalist/gelato enthusiast’s dream, a crisp pink and white paint job, an assortment of retro themed ice cream cartoonery splashed across the upper-walls, and simple timber furnishings, make for a very subtle yet clearly intentional first impression.

We matched the design of this gelataria with its menu, understated yet deliciously tempting. With just five gelato flavours on offer, we knew we were in for a treat, quality of the offering over quantity right!? Our choices were a two-scoop pairing of choc mint and salted caramel, and a one scoop of vanilla bean. Now we don͛t want to be on the bandwagon of everything in Melbourne is tastier than anywhere else, but you need to try this, because it is a sweet-tooths delight. The gelato literally melted in our mouths, and we were lucky enough to get some photos in before we filled our bellies with these irresistible and creamy delectables.

To make this experience that bit more Melbourne, in the five minutes total we spent inside this beautiful store, a sun shower, hail storm and sweat-inducing sunshine episode took place. This display of Melbourne nature taking place outside, while we were enjoying some of the tastiest gelato on offer really made for a memorable Billy Van Creamy experience.

P.S. Thank you to Lynda Gardener for suggesting this spot, you truly know how to pick them,




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